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LEA! (Lire en Europe Aujourd’hui | Reading in Europe Today) is an international network, created on December 2007, which brings together professorslecturers and/or researchers from Belgium, Hungary, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Portugal thus drawing a true North-South axis of European research.

Directors or members of renowned laboratories and research centres, they are all specialists in French, francophone or comparative literature from the 19th to the 20th century, without excluding the more contemporary; the fields of research on which they work are diverse: novel, short story, theatre, poetry, essay, theory of reading, theory of fiction, poetry of the novel, literary translation… In face of what was called, too hastily, the “decline” of the Human Sciences, reflected throughout Europe through institutional situations, often critical, these researchers who met frequently during other exchange programs or that are currently associated to other projects wished to join forces to contribute to the international spreading of literature and literary studies.

Their common subject is French and Francophone Literature, often overshadowed by a narrow “Franco-French” point of view, from the margins and borders. Far from trying to dilute the reflection on literature and its teaching in the “all cultural” (Communication “Cultural Studies”), the research group LEA! intends to emphasize on theoretical research and continuing education, and is therefore particularly open to young researchers and PhD students interested in these issues.

Since its foundation, LEA! has organized multiple meetings and initiatives, including numerous international symposia, publications and a series of  summer schools, the last of which took place in Braga (Portugal) on “Les Études littéraires aujourd’hui? Enjeux et atouts d’une indiscipline” (“Literary Studies today? Issues and strengths of indiscipline”) (July 2019), and the next one will be held at the Universitat de València (Spain) on the theme “Mutations”, in July 2020 (see Intensive Programs).

LEA – Lire en Europe Aujourd’hui – Lire et écrire des textes littéraires à l’époque des humanités numériques / Reading in Europe today – Reading and Writing Literary Texts in the Age of Digital Humanities

Thanks to the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership action, the LEA! group has obtained a grant to carry on for three years its project on reading strategies and publishing of literary and critical texts. The dossier was filed by Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Budapest. During the three years of the project development, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Luxembourgish, Belgian and Hungarian researchers from 13 European universities, members of the LEA! group, will try to find out what new methods can be applied to think differently about the reading experience, indispensable to life.

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